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Survival Concerns That Aren’t Always Addressed

April 14, 2019 2 min read


As spring is beginning to show its warmth across many parts of the nation, people around the country are also thinking ahead to summer plans for vacation and for relaxing in the beauty of the outdoors. However, higher temperatures can signify another distinct season for many residents along the coasts, and this is not always considered by visitors to the area. Many people think of hurricanes as a weather event that only impacts coastal regions, but the truth is that larger storms become inland rain and wind events that can also reap a wealth of destruction on property and on lives. A further point that many individuals will also want to remember is that the season has a longer duration, based on how close a region is to the equator. As a result, hurricane season along the Gulf Coast and through the Caribbean can extend from April well into November.


Some of the most significant crisis situations that can arise, even with smaller category storms and tropical depressions, are from the tendency that many tourists have to visit these high activity areas during the brunt of the storm season. This means that not only are the visitors on unfamiliar ground, without the normal resources they might have in the home, but they are also facing an emergency situation where supplies become in even stronger demand. When asked about these experiences in retrospect, many travelers state that would still consider keeping similar travel schedules in the future, but that they also would have taken the measures to be prepared for the possibility of the disaster. This has included concepts such as:
  • Having specific emergency kits for travel situations
  • Carrying extra long-term food storage kits and water rations through the vacation
  • Encouraging early awareness for surroundings, especially evacuation routes
  • Asking hotels and other travel accommodations about measures that are in place in the event of an emergency. It is always important to realize that going away on vacation does not mean that all worries will suddenly disappear. While it is time to relax, this may also follow basic precautions and measures that can ensure survival while away from home.