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Returning To Nature By Choice

April 15, 2019 2 min read

Generational differences have become exponentially larger with the advances in technology that are seen in the modern day. Media public service announcements offer a barrage of incentive to re-explore the great outdoors, and to become comfortable within the natural environment. Along with these wellness based PSAs, there are also a number of reminders about the importance of emergency preparedness and having a plan in place for any eventuality. This presents an interesting and also inspiring juxtaposition.  

Changes In Social Consciousness

These PSAs also shed some light in differences in generational attitudes, especially in regards to the false sense of safety that is further supported with instant gratification through digital devices. The result of reliance is also that the skills to contend without these modern resources are lost. Many grandparents desire to not only create a deeper bond with grandchildren over a common ground, but also to educate them about survival and self-reliance. By taking a page from media PSAs, there can be a productive solution that is also able to span the gap in social trends. Many parents, and certainly grandparents, grew up with a deeper appreciation and respect for nature. Camping and fishing trips, family outings with hiking, or even overnights in a tent in the backyard are all precursors for re-establishing this connection. Taking a break from the electronic world and getting back to nature can result in both bonding and learning, but it can also help to produce the mindset and the skills that are necessary for survival.  

Comfort Zones

The initial removal from a space of familiarity to a place where critical thinking, observation, and self-sufficiency are required can be one of the first steps in engaging younger generations and instilling them with a sense of respect and responsibility. However, further skills can also be worked on during these nature outings. This can include:
  • • Foraging and hunting
  • Long-term food storage
  • • Wise choices for staple supplies
  • • Water storage and purification
  • • Nutritional understanding of high density travel foods
Grandparents and parents may be surprised to find out just how much these efforts can enhance ability and responsibility in youth. However, adults will also gain better peace of mind that these important life lessons are being well learned through the experience.