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May 22, 2019 2 min read

Before you roast some hotdogs with family and friends on your day off, pause for a moment to remember those that made the ultimate sacrifice to make sure you could enjoy a life so freely.



  1. Fly a flag - If you have a flagpole, current law reflects that the flag be flown athalf mastuntil noon to honor the fallen, then raised totop mastin honor of a grateful Nation.
  2. Pause for a moment - A law still on the books declares3pm in your local time to be a moment of silence to memorialize those that made the ultimate sacrifice. Shut off the music and quiet the crowd for a brief pause. Even if you find yourself mowing the lawn at that time, shut it down for a moment and listen to the silence. That is the sound of America and the ultimate sacrifice.
  3. Decorate a cemetery - This is really how it all started with Decoration Day. Spare a few moments to give your time to honor their sacrifice. I assure you the sacrifice you make will be less than theirs.
  4. Go to Arlington - Okay this one takes some planning, but if you have never been - You Need To! The President traditionally lays a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at 3pm.
  5. Talk about it - Take a moment to have a conversation with your kids, grandkids, or whoever is tending the grill about the reverence of the day. Pass on stories about Veterans you knew to make sure their stories live on! 

If nothing else, just taking the time to read this is a small dedication to keeping the memory of our soldiers, sailors, and airmen alive. Sharing the information will help ensure our next generation has the same reverence as we do. Take a step today to share the real reason of Memorial Day with others.

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