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Prep 101: 9 Disasters That You Need To Prepare For

April 14, 2019 3 min read

Prep 101: 9 Disasters That You Need to Prepare For

*Editors Note: This is part 1 in the series "Prep 101" look for thetag to read the rest.

Disasters come in all shapes and sizes. They often show up with little to no warning, are never welcome, and have been known to overstay their visit. The more you’re familiar with these unwelcome “guests,” the better you’ll be prepared for their arrival. Think of it this way, your friends and family are coming to you house for Christmas, so you know you’ll need to plan and prepare the meal, decorate the tree, wrap the presents, deck the halls, memorize the lyrics to “O Holy Night…” you get the idea. When you successfully prepare for the holidays, they most likely turn out to be merry and bright.   The same theory goes for preparing for disasters. Although for some, “disasters” might actually include relatives coming for Christmas, but we’re going to focus on the ones that are most likely going to be thrown at you by Mother Nature.  

Here is a closer look at 9 disasters that you should be aware of and prepared for:


1. Flooding

  Rain is awesome, that’s a fact. It is the source that all living things rely as their water supply. Even though it’s awesome, from time to time it does get overzealous. This is the point where it changes from supporting life to threatening it.  Flooding can happen in a flash, hence the name “flash flood.” Just remember: copious amounts of rain = no bueno and no bueno = house under water.  

2. Power Outage

  Being in the dark can be a scary thing, but have you ever seen a teenager lose access to their television, game console, iPad, laptop, and heaven forbid their phone?? How will they ever Snapchat their latest selfie? Power outages may last an hour, a day, a month, or more. Refrigerated food spoils, electronics lose all power, and now you find yourself hungry and living with a terrifying tween who can’t cope without access to the internet. Think about it.  

3. Fire

  Natural or man made fires can happen quickly and they do not skimp on bringing the heat to the party. They are dangerous and don’t care what or who they take down in their path. They will destroy forests, towns, and homes with no remorse and leave nothing but ash.  

4. Earthquake

  Earth is as sneaky as Mother Nature and when it starts shifting rock below its surface it creates an earthquake. There is no way to run from this disaster, but you can prepare. Think of this: things swirl around when you shake a snow globe, right? This is essentially what Earth is doing to your home.  

5. Heat Wave

  Being a sweaty Betty is the least of your concerns during a heat wave (although still a valid reason to hate being stuck in a heat wave). Excessive heat can result in fainting, illness, and even death. In fact, within recent years, excessive heat has caused more deaths than other major catastrophes.  

6. Winter Storm

  We’ve watched major cities become lost in a thick blanket of snow after a big storm. Blizzards cause temperatures to drop to dangerous levels and they can last for several days. Severe storms have the ability to trap you in your home without access to food and water.  

7. Tornado

  Tornados are hungry beasts and they’ll eat up anything in their path. They are fast, furious, and can Tokyo drift with the best of them. They are impossible to outrun and leave nothing but wreckage in their wake. Homes, cities, and lives have been destroyed by these spinning nightmares.  

8. Hurricane

  Oceans are mind boggling. We don’t fully understand their depth and are only barely aware of some of the creatures that live within them. Here is what we do know; when nature picks a fight with the ocean, and then body slams it on our shores, guess who loses that fight? We do. No contest.   It is impossible to control the weather, but it is possible to prepare for the disasters that the weather creates. Anyone of these catastrophes can quickly become a crisis situation in the blink of an eye. How prepared are you for one of them to knock on your door?

9. Financial and Economic Crisis

   While this doesn't seem to be mentioned as many as some of the natural disasters, but makes it even more dangerous. If tomorrow your money didn't mean anything, how would you survive? It's important to have not only emergency food storage but have other products to barter to get things you need.