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Must Have Preparedness Items To Keep On Hand

April 16, 2019 2 min read

Must Have Preparedness Items To Keep On Hand When you prepare for the worst, it’s important that you take account of each aspect of your life. Obviously, in an emergency situation it’s likely that you’ll have to sacrifice a number of modern creature comforts. But by planning ahead, you can give yourself a lot of tools and supplies that will help you in various ways. Some of the most important preparedness items to have on hand are obvious, but others are easily overlooked.

We aren’t going to include food here. Any good preparedness expert knows that keeping at least a 6 months to a year supply of emergency food on hand is important. But beyond food, a lot of things can help you survive even more effectively – and more comfortably. With that in mind, here are some of the top items to keep on hand.
  • First aid kit – Be sure that you have a solid first aid kit that includes all of the essentials, but then consider going a bit further and setting up a first aid station with additional supplies. Try to keep a basic kit in all vehicles, at work, and at home. 
  • Towels – This one’s often overlooked. Really, the more towels you have, the better. Go with a variety of sizes. They can be used for a number of things during a survival situation. 
  • Fishing Line – You’ll want this to fish with, obviously, but you can use fishing line for a variety of additional uses from trapping to a stealth line alarm system and more. 
  • Pellet Rifle – Most preparedness experts have a rifle on hand, but what about a pellet rifle? High powered ones use cheaper ammo, can take care of small varmints, and are much quieter than other options. 
  • Solar Charger – There are plenty of electronic devices that can still come in handy during a survival situation. A solar charger helps you keep them working. 
  • Portable Stove – Keeping one of these and plenty of fuel for it on hand will ensure that you have a way to cook, even if you have to go on the move. 
  • Plastic Storage Containers – Combine these with lidded buckets and you can store a wide range of supplies, water, and more. 
  • Tarps – Heavy duty tarps can serve a huge range of purposes, and keeping several of them on hand is a great idea. 
  • Books – Finally, keep plenty of survival reference books close by. Even if you know a huge amount on the subject, having more info ready is a good idea.