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Must Have Outdoor Skills

April 16, 2019 2 min read

Must Have Outdoor SkillsWhen you find yourself in a survival situation, you’ll need a lot of different skills in order to make the most of the situation and continue living despite facing challenges that can come your way. There are numerous outdoor skills, for example, that will be vital to your survival. Here are some of the most important ones to have in your knowledge bank.

Shelter – Being able to create shelter from what is on hand is a key part of surviving in an outdoor survival situation. From tarps to leaves, you need to be able to stay dry.

Trap Fishing – Building fishing traps is often a more efficient way to spend time than just dropping a line into the water. Yes, fishing skills are important as well, but learn how to build some of the various trap pools that have been used for centuries.

Fire Building – Every bugout bag has some matches and lighters in it. But do you know how to build a fire without those things? Learn how and you’ll have one more skill on your side.

Shooting – Guns, crossbows, and bows and arrows are all important for staying safe and alive. Your shooting skills will not only protect you, but will help keep you fed while you’re in a survival situation.

Cleaning Animals – From fish to squirrels to deer, do you know how to gut and clean a catch or a kill? If you don’t, it’s important to learn immediately since it could be a major part of staying alive.

Plant Identification – Do you know how to identify poison ivy or tell the difference between edible berries and poison ones? It’s an often overlooked skill that you really do need to know.

Navigation – Every mobile device these days has a GPS in it, but what if the grid goes down? Can you use a map and compass properly? This is a skill that is being forgotten in the digital age but that deserves to be given some attention.

Camouflage – Go beyond just wearing camo. Learning how to use natural camo to stay hidden could save your life or help you with a hunt.

Knots – There are numerous knots you need to know how to tie. Master several and know when to use them in order to always be prepared.

Cooking – Finally, there’s a difference between cooking at home and cooking over an open campfire. Learning how to do it properly is absolutely vital if you want to stay alive.

These are just some of the main survival skills you need when you head into the outdoors. Start by mastering them, and then build your knowledge base further.