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Making Sure That Long Term Storage Includes Real Food

April 16, 2019 2 min read

Making Sure That Long Term Storage Includes Real FoodEven the most basic pantry will include items that can be considered food storage. While many people don't think about this while they are doing their regular shopping, these consumables can be an economic solution to both survival and comfort.

How many times have unexpected bills cut a pay period short on finances? How often has weather or illness prevented a regular shopping trip? When a person considers these questions, they often realize that even small efforts of long term food storage will often save the day. For most of the population, the extent of these provisions will be canned foods and some dried grains or legumes. However, canned goods can have a limited shelf life, especially if the vacuum seal is compromised in any way. When this happens, these items become a breeding ground for bacteria and spoilage. While dried legumes can have a longer shelf life, they may be at risk if they are not properly stored. Moisture, insects, and other vermin can get into these supplies if they are not in an appropriate long term storage container. When this happens, these necessary provisions are no longer viable. Sadly, these occurrences will often only be noticed once a person is in desperate need for any provisions that might be handy. This makes the use of food kits and proper long term food storage a strong consideration, even for a regular shopping trip.

Valley Food Storage has a large variety of high quality food kits that only need hot water in order to be prepared. We also carry freeze dried bulk foods, including fruits and vegetables, and the impermeable containers that can keep them safe. This can add variety and flavor to the diet, and also make up for those times when eating the food on hand is necessary. If you are interested in starting a large or small supply of long term foods to contend with any eventuality, then we encourage you to browse our site for supplies. Our friendly staff can guide you through your choices in chat mode, and help you make the best selections, whether it is for a few food kits or a one month supply of food. This way, you will always be prepared, and never have to sacrifice quality or flavor when you are in need.