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April 23, 2019 1 min read

Today on Inside VFS: 003, Joe and Kelcey discuss how Valley Food Storage works to make food last 25 years. They go over the technology we use during the packing process to ensure the all natural food we source stays fresh for when you need it. We freeze dry our food at Valley Food Storage. This allows us to keep preservatives out, and nutrients in. We would not be able to offer you all natural food storage without this technology. Once Freeze dried, products are packaged in Mylar bags, with an included oxygen absorber. Mylar is a special material that provides excellent protection for the food stored inside. We also include food grade oxygen absorbers to remove all oxygen present inside the package after it's sealed. For large kits, bags are then placed in food grade buckets. These reduce exposure to light, air, & pests. Our buckets are 5.3 gallon rectangular buckets. They stack well and don't waste space. Check out our long term kits to get started!