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Hunkering Down Does Not Have To Mean Hibernation

April 16, 2019 2 min read

Hunkering Down Does Not Have To Mean HibernationChildren will often gain a sense of excitement when the news predicts that a blizzard is approaching. This type of event can mean that school is closed for a few days, that there is ample opportunity for sledding and play, and that free time may be spent curled up by the wood stove with a good book. However, adults take these kinds of forecasts with a bit more trepidation, since there is a greater understanding of all the issues that can change a delightful snowfall into a state of emergency. Being prepared for these winter events can find a balance between a child's sense of adventure, and an adult's sense of responsibility. When families work together in creating emergency food preparedness kits or looking into long term food storage, the result can become a bonding experience that also teaches important life lessons to all parties.  

Bearing The Brunt

Part of the stress which can arise when a winter storm hits can come from the sudden lack of available resources. Power may be out, the ability to venture out of the house may be limited, and recovery efforts may also be days in the waiting. However, adults can reduce these stressors by taking the necessary steps for preparation. Keeping a supply of long term food storage kits can make the experience not only survivable, but also pleasant. Making sure that there is a backup heat source, whether it is a kerosene heater or a wood stove is also important. Snow storms do offer a beneficial resource in spite of the chaos, and that is the fact that they can provide a water source. Melted snow is ideal for washing up and flushing toilets, but if it is properly filtered it can also be consumed.  

Shifting Perspectives

At Valley Food Storage, we have food kits, water purification bottles, and long term food storage supplies, which can all be collected in advance of the winter season. Our site also offers chat advice and resources to help families plan for their possible needs. By taking these steps to assure comfort and survival, the disaster of a winter blizzard may just become an indoor camping experience that everyone can enjoy as a new adventure.