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Get Prepared For Winter

April 15, 2019 2 min read

Each year when daylight savings time rolls around, you should consider beginning your winter preparations. This is particularly true for those living in colder regions, where a sudden winter storm can literally bring your town to a standstill. Apart from setting all of your clocks back an hour (and this includes your car clocks and digital watches), there are a variety of other steps that you can take to prepare for the shorter days and colder months of winter.

Stocking up on needed supplies and taking stock of your existing supplies is essential to your winter preparation. Make sure that your emergency kits are fully stocked, and that all items are in good repair. When it comes to food items in your emergency kits, make sure that nothing is stale, spoiled, or leaking. Replace any necessary food items and emergency supplies.

Valley Food Storage has everything you will need to make sure your winter food supplies and emergency kits are fully stocked.

The winter months are cold, so make sure your family stays warm until spring. Hit up local thrift shops and weekend garage sales to find great deals on extra blankets to keep your family warm and cozy all winter long. Be sure to grab some blankets for your furry family members as well, since pets can get just as cold as we do during winter even with all that fur. Make sure to pick up hand and foot warmers for your kids as well. Have them keep these in their coat pockets to ensure that they stay warm when they’re outside or if the power goes out.

To make sure that you stay safe during any winter power outages, ensure that your generator is in good working condition. Be sure that you have enough fuel on hand to last at least 2 or 3 weeks. Do a quick check of all of your flashlights and battery powered lanterns. Make sure that all are in good working order, and don’t forget about the batteries. Put new batteries in every device, and make sure you have an extra pair of batteries on hand for every flashlight, lantern, or other essential battery-powered device in your home.

Of course, smart winter preparation doesn’t just stop with your home. You also want to make sure that your car is ready for winter. Check to make sure that your car emergency kit is well stocked. Do you have an ice scraper, sturdy boots, and extra blankets in your car? If not, store these items in your backseat or trunk now before winter hits in earnest.

Whether you need to refresh your existing emergency kits or start from scratch, always remember that Valley Food Storage has everything you need to get you through even the coldest winter. From long-term food supplies to emergency kits and water storage and purifiers, Valley Food Storage has something to help keep your family safe throughout even the stormiest winter.