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From Popular Culture To Possibility

April 16, 2019 2 min read

From Popular Culture To PossibilityThe concept that a zombie apocalypse is possible has gained a great amount of attention in current times. This is partially due to the humanistic portrayal of survivors in pop culture material such as The Walking Dead and the writings of Max Brooks. While this type of media offers a more believable scenario than many of the classic representations of a zombie takeover, it is further heightened through concerns over viral infections and epidemic scenarios that can lead to similar results for those who are trying to hold the idea of civilization together. As an archetype, zombies represent the loss of self and connection, while survivors are the manifestation of the human spirit seeking to thrive and to still connect, even in the worst of situations. Although it may seem fantastical, the concept of the zombie apocalypse evokes a consideration of "what would I do …" and this is the important lesson from both speculation and the offerings of pop culture.  

Reality In The Projected Scenario

One of the important points that comics such as The Walking Dead do bring up is the idea that staying alive is ultimately based on resources and sustainability. In the television representation, characters seem to be blessed with the fact that all of Georgia lives on canned food. The suspension of disbelief for this actuality is quite limited, and the reality is that only people who are thinking ahead about food, water, medicine, and other necessities that we take for granted could truly be the ones to survive. Having shelter that is formidable is a part of the greater plan, yet, that shelter means nothing if it cannot provide inhabitants with the nourishment that keeps them vital, able to think, and able to act. Long term food storage is one way that survivors stay strong. Quality food kits, and the tools to filter water and generate heat can allow them to thrive.

While Valley Food Storage can get you equipped to survive the zombie apocalypse with nutritious fare and emergency kits that include ancillary supplies, we certainly hope that fending off walkers is not in your future. However, staying vigilant and prepared allows you to weather everything from storms to the uncertainty of the undead. Wouldn't you rather have your food kits and your shelter in place, so you can defend your stronghold and maintain civility within the confines of your shelter?