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Emergency Car Kit For 2016

April 16, 2019 3 min read

Car Kit Redo 2015 When you are traveling, your car contains everything you need. What if you were faced with an emergency while on the road? Would you have the supplies you need to survive? Packing an 72 hour emergency car kit is a solution to keep you prepared for anything.

Where Are You Traveling?

First off, where do you go when you are traveling? By knowing this we can alter the kit to be more suited to our surroundings. If you live in a warm climate this like water or a good hat would be worth their weight in gold. Maybe you could be stuck in your car in a blizzard? This will also have an impact on what you pack in your emergency kit. If there is a chance you could be trapped in a blizzard, be sure to throw in some extra blankets and good boots. Below is a great list to help you get started on your kit for 2016

4 person 72 Hour Kit

Emergency Kit Basics

While many people start with big tactical gear for their kits, sometimes they forget the key necessities. Its crazy to see how many kits are sold with 4,000 rounds of ammo but forget the absolute essentials. Lets start with the overlooked basics, the first is water, shelter and food! We all know how important water is no matter what weather we are in, the best idea is to pack water and a purifier so no matter what you are ready. We think that the best of both worlds is this Berkey water purifier bottle that does both!Take your water on the go and purify up to 300 gallons as well. Its a win/win!


Staying out of the elements can be the most important thing to do in any situation and the best thing to do is carry a small tent with you where you go. Lets be honest though, who can always carry a tent? The next best thing is a tarp or plastic covering and paracord. You can never have enough cord or twine! This will allow you to set up a small shelter to keep you warm and dry in a pinch.


Survival always comes down to having enough energy to get through the tough situation, both mentally and physically. Never underestimate what a good meal can do for you. Make sure to not only stock up on a few small snack items but pack some cookable full meals. Chances are that the food you get from us will be more ready when you need it! Valley Food Storage specializes in food that will always be ready for your kit.

The rest of the gear

Now that we have the basics covered its time to add in everything else we will need for our 72 hour kit. Here is a great list to get you started:

Great Food Storage Recipes

Other things you will need

  • Small water filter or iodine crystals
  • Flashlights (LED style, and batteries)
  • Sharp knife
  • Matches, light sticks
  • Small portable AM radio with extra batteries
  • Paracord rope, fishing line (20 lb test min.), hooks
  • Leather gloves, dust masks
  • Chapstick, hairbrush, hand lotion
  • Feminine supplies,
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Soap, washcloth, small towel, razor
  • Extra eyeglasses (even if you wear contacts)
  • Baby wipes, deodorant
  • Change of clothing, jacket, shoes, socks, underwear, hat
  • Infant needs, if necessary
  • Family pictures
  • Important telephone numbers
  • Paper, marker, pencil, money
  • First aid supplies & essential medications
  • Over counter meds
  • Insect repellant
  • Sun screen
  • Bandages, antibiotic ointment
  • Needle, tweezers, scissors
  • Triangular bandages, gauze, elastic bandages
  • Hot pack, cold pack
  • Gloves


72-hour kits from Valley food storage will give you a fantastic start to everything you need! Make sure to get yours now and make sure you and your family are protected and ready no matter what faces you.