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Drought Is Real & It’s Happening

April 16, 2019 2 min read

Drought Is Real & It’s HappeningIn May of this year, Jerry Brown, the Governor of California made an unequivocal statement to the public of his state. He made certain water-wasting bans—which are only valid during a time of drought—permanent. It was a wake-up call to many Californians that after years of research on climate change, whatever is causing climate change is not as important as the results. The drought California has been experiencing for five straight years is not going away anytime soon. In fact, it may be a permanent fixture of California’s new weather landscape.

Don’t Waste Water

In most desert areas, the conservation of water is an all-consuming fixture of survival. But states like California and Nevada, which regularly use millions of gallons of water to keep golf courses green, and entertain the public with fountains, has forgotten how precious a resource water can be. It puts the people in a dangerous position and the government is aware of the risk.

Like with food, emergency water provisions are never a bad idea, especially since we require water on an even more frequent basis than food. If you want to ensure that you are prepared for an emergency where you are left to your own devices, you can’t assume that your plumbing will continue to work and provide fresh, potable water that is safe to consume.

People with foresight can exercise many options in this regard. Of course, storing bottled water is one option, though there may be issues of actual taste. While the water itself doesn’t “expire,” the plastic of the container may degrade somewhat, altering the flavor. This doesn’t actually interfere with the safe consumption of the water, but it may be a cause for concern if taste is important to you. However, the plastic itself will not alter the water in high enough amounts to affect the actual drinking quality.

The other option is to have some kind of standby device such as water purifier on hand so that any source of water, such as a river, or lake, can be safely used. With a water purifier, your potable drinking options expand considerably. Rain water, or water gathered from traps, catches or natural sources can all be converted over into something safe for you to use for drinking or cooking.

Water is critical to our survival. It may be time for more Americans to remember that.