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Can We Really Predict The Weather?

April 15, 2019 3 min read

Can We Really Predict The Weather?While severe storms and hurricanes are often tracked in order to raise public awareness for emergency preparedness, the truth is that the actual impact of these events if frequently only realized after they have struck. This can create a bit of a conflict for populations. On one hand, when a storm is predicted as being devastating, and then it fizzles out, the public starts to gain a false sense of security. As a result, when the prediction is correct, or the storm intensifies without warning, entire communities end up being caught unaware.


The best that people can really do is to pay attention to the forecasts as a way of monitoring what may happen, but still have a valid plan for emergency preparedness, in case the worst does happen. This is really just simple common sense, and having food kits in storage is never a bad idea, since they can be used in an emergency situation, but they can also be hauled out for pleasant recreations, such as for camping or hiking excursions.  

Being Prepared Is Proactive And Positive

Valley Food Storage offers a number of options for people who are looking into food kits for long term storage, or practical applications in everyday life. The point is that having these supplies on hand is a way of ensuring the safety of the household, while also encouraging the mindset of always being prepared. A number of food kits can be customized to meet specific needs, but people who are just beginning to consider the importance of emergency preparedness can also invest in starter kits, in order to get a feel for the supplies that are needed. Essentials will always include:
  • A minimum of three days worth of quality long term storage food
  • Food storage containers for preserving freshness as well as carrying other supplies
  • A source of clean water, or the ability to filter water for potability
  • A heat source, which can include water proof matches, an ignition source, or cans of sterno
  • Any medications that family members may need, as well as a basic first aid kit
  • A knife
  • Extra batteries and a battery operated radio for municipal updates
  Many pre-packed emergency food kits will actually include most of these items, although first aid and batteries will usually have to be packed in addition. However, even with these bare basics, families can turn a natural disaster into an experience that builds character and resilience, since life necessities are accounted for.  

Household Considerations

When organizing an emergency preparedness kit, there are several things that family members should bear in mind. The primary point is that each person in the household will need their own supply of food kits that can last for at least three days. Along with this consideration, it is also necessary to look at the nutritional and caloric content of the food kits, to make sure that they provide the required energy. Reading labels is imperative, since these supplies could be all that is available for quite some time. Another ideal consideration is to include all members of the household in building the kits. This ensures that everyone becomes educated as to the care and preparation that is needed in cases of emergency, but it can be especially impactful with children. This teaches common sense, survival, and a sense of responsibility that can be empowering throughout life. Valley Food Storage has high quality food kits and emergency preparedness kits so that members of the family can make educated selections that are proactive in case of disaster. A visit to our site will offer ideas and supplies which encourage a responsible respect for nature, and a sense of support and survival should the need arise.