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Best Uses For Altoids Tins You’ve Never Thought Of

April 16, 2019 2 min read

Best Uses For Altoids Tins You’ve Never Thought Of


Altoids are great for freshening breath, but their tins are where their value really goes up! An Altoids tin can be used in so many different survival situations, and they can be one of the most useful little tools you can put into your survival preparedness bag in the effort of an event. Altoids tins have a few properties that make them so helpful for survival situations, the main two being their durability and their natural waterproofing. What you keep in an Altoids tin will not only be protected, but it will remain dry, so it can be kept safe in all types of environments and terrain.

First Aid Kit

The first use for your Altoid tin is your mini-first aid kit. With this first aid kit, you can keep it in your pants or shirt pocket easily, so it can always be kept on hand no matter where you’re going or what you’re up to. If you’re foraging and trying to step lightly, a larger first aid kit can be difficult to bring along, and your mini Altoids version could suit your needs better.


Another use for your Altoid tin is to keep safe your fire starting materials. In your Altoid tin, small pieces of kindling, fires starting, or fire keeping materials like a corn chip, a crayon, small wood chips, a Firestarter, or matches can all be kept safe and dry through all types of weather. Also, this will allow you to keep your fire materials with you at all times, so a fire can still be achieved if you’re separated from your group or you’re in a location you may have not expected.


Lastly, you can also use your Altoids tin for a seed vault, and your tin can safely carry with you an entire garden’s worth of seeds right from the comfort of your own pocket. Whether you’re pre-packing seeds or collecting seeds as you go, they can be separated, labeled, and carried in an Altoids tin with ease. When gathering seeds to keep in your small seed vault, make sure to consider how the seeds will be able to grow in your climate and environment, and try to collect or keep seeds with the best chance of thriving where you’re at.

An Altoids tin can be one of your most useful little goodies in situations of survival, and it’s one that can be made use of in so many different ways. The beauty of the Altoids tin is in how it can fit in any small pocket, and do so while keeping belongings protected and dry, leaving you with a way to carry with you sensitive materials that you need, and rest assured they’ll be in good condition when you need to use them!