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Are You Addicted To Electricity?

April 15, 2019 2 min read

Are You Addicted To Electricity?When people think about addictions, they tend to equate it with destructive behaviors that lessen overall health and wellness. In reality, an addiction can truly refer to the dependence on any outside force, to the point of relinquishing personal control. When it is considered from this perspective, we also begin to realize that our entire social structure is actually fueled by the concept of reliant addiction. This idea can be evidenced in our attitudes towards:
  • Status
  • Money
  • Technology
  • Possessions
  • Power

What is interesting in considering these factors is that they are technically non-essential items when it comes to survival. Although they may be useful in modern society, they are not true necessities to sustaining life in the most basic sense.

What is also important to note is that the reliance on outside forces also means that as a population we have become familiar with behaving in a certain way and with certain resources.

However, should these resources upon which we are reliant become at risk, then there may be great uncertainty regarding how to proceed.  

Stepping Out Of The Light

Especially with the prevalence of technology in all aspects of life, one begins to wonder whether society would be able to overcome a complete loss of power. It is also necessary to ponder the fact that this possibility is far closer to reality than one might suspect. As dwindling natural resources are promoting the advancement of sustainable and alternate power sources, it could be important for individuals and heads of household to consider a scenario without electricity.

Electrical power does more than just turn on the lights. It is the basis for order in modern function and it also ensures that basic necessities such as water supply and waste removal are maintained. Further, our electricity provides heat for cooking and staying warm, but also provides the forces that keep foods fresh in storage. This can make the attainment of adequate long-term food storage kits and water supplies a vital part of contending with the possibility of a loss of electricity. Along with these basic survival needs, shelter, heat sources, and a means of communication also become integral to life.

To this end, establishing emergency plans that consider power failure are a wise effort to make.  

Teaching The Basics

For individuals who are trying to learn about survival, or for families who wish to teach children about protocols in emergency situations, preparing an emergency plan can be the first step of learning. This can include attending to basic concerns such as food kits, water supply and filtration, and even shelter creation, but it can also be expanded through experiences that remove electricity from the equation. This can provide the ideal scenario for anyone to truly gauge how able they may be at survival, once the power goes out.