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A Kit For Every Situation

April 16, 2019 2 min read

A Kit For Every SituationFor many, things like food and preparedness are a key focus of their daily activities. Knowing that you're prepared and ready for anything can bring tremendous peace of mind, and thanks to today's food kits it's not really that hard to be ready for any situation.

Emergency food storage comes in two basic options – long term food storage for those 'in case' situations, and emergency food storage when you know that an issue is on the way. For example, you might simply try to buy one or two food kits each month to put up for long term storage. Or, if a storm is forecast for the upcoming week, buying a kit could help you be ready in case it hits hard.

There are plenty of different types of food kits for any situation, but some of the more popular options include things like the following. 

    • Grab And Go BucketA grab and go bucket provides you everything you need for a one week survival situation for as many as four different people. It provides food for four to last one week – 85 servings in total – and also comes with things like an emergency compass, multi-tool, fire starter, emergency blanket, and more. It's perfect for an RV, a cabin, a camping trip, or a long term food supply choice when you're stocking up. 

  •  Weekend BucketHeading outdoors for the weekend, need something to keep in the boat or RV, or just getting ready for winter storms? A Weekender Bucket is a good option as well. You'll get a weekend's worth of freeze dried food as well as survival supplies like duct tape, fire starters, medical supplies, and more. 

  • 72 Hour Kits72 Hour Kits are just what they sound like – everything you need for 72 hours of survival. Each is segmented based on how many people it can provide help for, and is included in a durable backpack. It's perfect for numerous situations ranging from camping to a bug-out scenario to just getting ready in case something happens down the line. 

Making sure you're ready for anything is important for anyone who values their safety and their family's safety. Stocking up for long term food and emergency needs is a key part of that, and you have numerous options to choose from when making the decision to buy any food kit. Choose the ones you need, add more as time and money allows, and you'll always be ready.