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5 Overlooked Must Have Camping Items

April 15, 2019 2 min read

We are deep in the belly of summer and that means camping season is in full force. The wilderness lovers of the world are in their prime and loving every second spent romping in the great outdoors. But even the most experienced campers forget essentials that can make life on a mountain easier and more comfortable.


Here are 5 things, which are often forgotten, to take with you on your next camping trip:

Plastic Tablecloth

They are easily packed, not hard on the wallet, and extremely handy. Tables found in campgrounds have been living amongst the elements, dirt, and grime, which makes them extremely filthy. Covering them with a plastic tablecloth will keep your meals away from contamination. They also keep food from falling on the ground and inviting little or big critters to interrupt your camping fun.

Bug Spray and Sunscreen

You might think that a beautiful canopy of lush foliage will keep you safe from the sun's harmful rays, but you would be wrong. You’ll need sunscreen for protection (no matter what your hopes are for the trees). Where do most bugs live? You got it, out in the wild. And they like to nibble on tasty camping morsels. Bug spray is essential to keep unwanted insects at bay.


Ok, so this one seems like a given, but having the right food for the right reasons is often overlooked. If you love to hike then you know that having a backpack full of raw hamburger and hotdogs is not your best bet. Easily carried delicious treats are mandatory. For example, you’ll need protein to keep your energy up as you scale the mountain, or a handful of something sweet like freeze-dried fruit as a comforting treat while you enjoy nature. Keep it simple, keep it easily packable, and most of all… something that tickles your taste buds. Think freeze-dried foods, they are not just for storage purposes, but a camping must have.

First Aid Kit

You would be surprised how many lovers of the wilderness forget this little gem. It is not until you are wounded on a hill that you remember that you didn’t pack a first aid kit. Burns, scratches, bumps, and cuts are bound to happen on any camping trip. Don’t get stuck up a creek (literally) without one.

Pocket Knife

This compact essential will provide you with a blade, corkscrew, scissors, and more. That is a handy variety of useful things to have in the woods. Keep it in your pocket or pack it in your backpack, you’ll be grateful when the time comes when you need it and love its compact size.

Next time you find yourself planning a camping trip, make a list, check it twice… you get the idea. Even the little things can make being one with the wild comfortable, convenient, and safe. Happy camping!