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5 Must Have Things In The Car For Winter

April 16, 2019 2 min read

5 Must Have Things In The Car For WinterIt’s the holiday season and many of us are traveling to see family and friends. However, winter weather doesn’t always make travel as simple as we’d like. In fact, winter travel can be incredibly dangerous at times. That’s exactly why you want to be prepared for anything before you hop into your car.

Here are the top 5 must have items to have in your car this holiday season.

1) Blanket

The most important thing to have ready in your car is a blanket. If your car has been buried in a snowdrift and it refuses the start, you need to be able to keep yourself warm. Though having hand warmers and extra winter clothes is also useful, blankets have proven to be much more key to survival.

2) Flashlights

Much like in other good survival kits, a flashlight is one of the most useful items you can have around. Flashlights allow you to better see what you have and how to manage your situation. That aside, flashlights can also allow you to signal help. If possible, have a few extra batteries to ensure your flashlight works properly.

3) Snow Shovel

If you’re stuck in the snow, the snow shovel is going to be your best friend. A shovel is crucial to digging yourself out of the snow and can even be used to make a kind of snow shelter if the situation calls for it. Sadly, shovels aren't always so easy to fit in your car so you may not have room for it. However, if you have the room, make sure you have it handy.

4) A Spare Charged Cell Phone

Having an extra cell phone lying around allows you to call 9-1-1 in a pinch. In order to ensure it doesn't break in the event of a crash, try to have it wrapped in the blankets.

5) Protein Bars Or Dried Food

Anything from beef jerky to granola bars are great in these types of situation and give you the energy you may need during this event. It isn't recommended that you keep water or other liquids in your car because they will explode in below freezing temperature. Plus if you’re thirsty, there is plenty of snow to help you out.