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5 Great DIY Projects

April 16, 2019 3 min read

5 Great DIY Projects In times of survival, your DIY skills are going to mean a lot. You’ll need to be able to create things that will help you to survive comfortably and safely, and we have just the projects you should focus on. These DIY projects can be taken on by survivalists of any skill level, and each will help you immensely in any survival situation.

5 great DIY projects that we’d like to outline are:

1. Drinking straw sewing kit The drinking straw sewing kit only requires 5 components, and many are things you will have lying around the home already. These can be used for either clothing or equipment, and they can be kept in a survival pack easily. First, gather a drinking straw, a needle, thread, a safety pin, and some electrical tape. Thread the needle with about 6 feet of thread, and then insert the safety pin about 1 inch from the end of the straw. Fold that end over and close it up with electrical tape, and insert the threaded needle into the other end. Fold that end over and close it like the first, leaving the thread outside of the straw to wind around the straw like a bobbin. Tape up the exposed thread using electrical tape, and you’re all set.

2. Down & Dirty Sauerkraut This recipe comes from Survival Sherpa, and it’s for a sauerkraut that can help you to keep your gut in check during survival or any situations. When surviving, coming down with even a minor stomach illness can be a serious problem, so it’s best to keep your gut balanced the best you can. What you’ll need is red cabbage, white cabbage, carrots, and sea salt, and you’ll be jarring the finished product in glass. Simply shred the veggies and add sea salt, allowing to rest for around an hour. Then add brine and jar up for safe keeping.

3. Firestarter drinking straw Drinking straws aren’t only for sewing kits; they make great fire starters, too. A small stick, cotton balls, petroleum jelly, scissors, and a straw is all you need, and the process only takes a minute or two. Shred up the cotton balls and saturate with petroleum jelly, and cut the drinking straw in to 2 3 inch tubes and 4 ½ inch tubes. Use the larger tubes to store the shredded and jellied cotton balls, and the smaller tubes to close the ends of the larger ones.

4. Duct tape arrow fletching Hunting is part of survival, and archery is part of hunting. To make fletching out of duct tape, you’ll only need duct tape, a knife, and your arrows. First, take two pieces of 4 inch long tape and stick the pieces together leaving ¼ inch of the stickiness separated. Place onto your arrow to make the first vane, and do this again 2 more times for 3 vanes. After applied, simply cut your vanes in your desired shape, and practicing your shot with this fletching is highly recommended.

5. Homemade medical kit Your medical kit is more than simply your first aid kit, and making your own medical kit can really make or break you in a situation of survival. In your medical kit you’ll want to place all the usual items, like bandages, gauze, antiseptic wipes, and pain relievers, but also other remedies like oils, extracts, and herbs to serve as longer-term remedies if necessary.