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5 Best Bug Out Vehicles Of Your Dreams

April 16, 2019 3 min read

Have you ever thought about where you would go if you were forced to evacuate your home? Some people imagine going to the homes of family or friends, others picture a nice comfy hotel somewhere. I imagine my family somewhere off-grid camping style with a vehicle stocked for long term survival and a nice view away from all the chaos. If the roads were completely blocked from panic and damage and we needed to get off-road to reach that destination, simply getting there could become a bit of an issue. But with a reliable vehicle that has off-roading capabilities, plenty of gas, and a map in your hand, it is possible to reach the calm in the midst of the storm… Now I’m not sure if I’m the only one who pictures these types of scenarios when I’m bored, or even if I’m the only one who drools over But-Out-Vehicles, but these ones make my jaw drop. If price were not a consideration, these would be my top five bug out vehicles for getting me to the safe haven I picture.  

Campa EVS

  Built on the bed of a midsized Toyota truck, this Expedition Vehicle System has all of the bells and whistles of a compact camp site. You’ll be able to enjoy space for cooking and food prep, with convenient storage solutions. With 4WD and reliability, this should be on your wish list. You can visit their website at and see all of their tricked out designs for trailers as well.  

Unicat TC59-family

Just like it says in the name, there’s room for the whole family in this vehicle! This is deluxe living for the posh survivalists. It comes standard with a kitchen, bathroom, and beds, but you can add upgrades and add-ons of solar systems, air conditioning and a WASHING MACHINE???? Add that to my list of requirements for a Bug-Out-Vehicle. I was not looking forward to using a wash-board! This vehicle is one of many on the Unicat site and they have some very unique models. I loved the one that is built to accommodate a wheelchair. See all the options at  

EarthRoamer XV-LT

This vehicle has the base of a Ford F-550, so you know it’s going to have the durability you are looking for. With plenty of food storage space and the ability to house up to 8 people in the largest model, your whole family can be comfortable and safe. I am also anxiously awaiting their new models they started earlier this year. They should prove to be just as spacious and luxurious as the previous ones. Check out the preview of what’s to come at  


  With the ability to completely customize your van, Sportsmobile gives you the ability to create your own minimalist survival vehicle. They take standard off road vans from Nissan, Chevy, Ford, Dodge, and even Mercedes to the next level! Add in a Penthouse Top for added space or even some kennels for your beloved family pets. These are the tiny houses of the off-roaders dream. Visit them at  


This vehicle is what Cinderella’s castle were to look like if she was into the survivalist life style. Combining the Tractor and Trailer concept gives you extreme amounts of space, but can normally limit your off-roading capabilities. This system has been designed to overcome those issues, meaning you can take your trailer wherever you can imagine. With 3 sleeping areas a kitchen with a range that can be taken outdoors as well, and a bathroom that incinerates waste, this will ultimately turn your escape plan into a vacation. At you can view all the specks and plans of this monstrous beauty.

Whatever your idea of survival is, make sure you have a plan for evacuation. You never know when you’ll have only a few precious moments to leave your home. By preparing ahead of time and having a plan, it will be easy for you to Bug-Out and maybe a little bit less stressful too.