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10 Ways to keep your cool, without power

April 16, 2019 2 min read

As the temperatures rise, you may be cranking up the A/C or the swamp cooler. While these can be great ways to cool down, they rely on power. Power outages can happen at any time leaving you without that lovely A/C you have come to depend on. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your cool that don’t require power. Plus, they’ve been tried and tested for generations before us.

How To Keep Your Cool Without Power

1. Drink Water – As your body starts to heat up, it produces sweat to help cool you down. That sweat helps to remove the heat from the surface of your skin. By drinking plenty of water, your body has the necessary component to do what it should and help to keep your body nice and cool.

2. Wet Cloth – Water helps to remove the heat from a surface. Wet a cloth and wrap it around your neck to help keep you cool, just like sweating, without the actual sweat.

3. Wear Loose Clothing – Tight clothing will trap heat next to your body. Wear loose clothing to keep the air flowing and the heat down. *Also as a side note, wearing long clothing such as a loose long sleeve shirt and flowing pants will help to keep the sun off your skin to avoid a sunburn.

4. Wear Cotton Clothing – Cotton fabrics are not only light, but they also help to “wick away the moisture” or at least when they are wet, keep you cooler.

5. Wear a Hat – Wear awide brimmed hat to keep the shade on your face and the sun off your head.

6. Hang a Wet Sheet – Soak a sheet in water and hang it over an open door or window. As the air blows through, it will create a cooling breeze, much like the way a swamp cooler works.

7. Eat Your Fruits and Veggies – Most of the time, you don’t want heavy food when it is hot anyways. Eat lighter meals that don’t require a lot of cooking and contain plenty of fruits and vegetables. Think pasta salads, loaded veggie salads, etc. Not only will this help getyour vitamins and minerals to help keep you healthy, but it also increases your water intake and helps keep you cool.

8. Keep the Blinds Closed – Keep your blinds closed when the sun is shining in. It will keep your home shady, but also help to keep the temperatures down. Once the sun has gone, open your windows to get the air flowing and help to create a nice cooling breeze.

9. Plant Vegetation – Although this can take a few years for the plants to mature and grow large enough to make a difference, by planting plants on the sunny side of your house, you can cut the heat down. Trees can provide shade, while bushes and climbing vines against the house can create almost an insulating barrier.

10. Go for a Swim! – Swim or run through the sprinklers, anything basically to get wet! Not only is it fun, but it will help to keep you cool.