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10 More Preparedness Uses for Duct Tape

April 16, 2019 2 min read


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Who doesn’t love duct tape? It has so many uses, but our favorites, of course, are geared towards preparedness!

Stretcher: By using two long straight tree branches and a roll of duct tape, you can actually fashion a stretcher. Just lay the branches about 1 ½ body widths apart and weave the duct tape between to create a bed to carry an injured person. Make sure to weave both vertically and horizontally for strength.

Boat: Yup! It’s possible! They proved it on Mythbusters! See instructions here: to show your friends and family how creative you can be.

Extra Moleskin: When you start to get that hot spot and know where the friction will create a blister, place some duct tape on top to give you an extra layer of “skin” for protection.

Window Protection for a Hurricane: Use the tape to make a spider web on your windows during a hurricane. It helps to spread out the pressure put on your windows from the wind. This could keep your windows for shattering. If the pressure does end up breaking your windows, the tape will help keep the glass from going everywhere.

Fletching: For those that do archery or bow hunt, it can be very frustrating when you tear or lose a fletching and you don’t have replacements! Fortunately, if you’ve got a bit of duct tape you can fashion your own for a quick fix.

Hammock: You could make a portable hammock or a traditional home one as well. Try either of these versions you can find at these websites. Portable: Traditional:

Snares and Traps: It’s inevitable. You’ll need to eat. You can use duct tape to create rope for snares and traps. For some great basic snares and traps, check out this article:

Signaling: Duct tape comes in a variety of colors! Use the bright colors for signaling if you become lost. Remember, it’s the rules of 3 for signaling. So 3 large X’s on the ground should do it.

Opening a Jar: You may have preserves stored up, but they don’t do you any good if you can’t open them. Use a long piece of duct tape. Stick one end on the top of your jar lid and down around the side. Be careful not to go onto the actual jar, then pull the other end to get some leverage and twist that lid right off!

Build a Fire: The fibers contained in duct tape are useful for burning. One piece can burn for around 2 minutes make it ideal for use as a fire starter.

See our previous article,, for even more preparedness ideas for duct tape. What ways have you used duct tape in your preparedness journey?