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10 Best Campfire Recipes

April 13, 2019 3 min read

10 Best Campfire Recipes
While much of the purpose in camping is to gain a sense of freedom and be at peace in nature, this does not mean that the experience needs to lack comfort and satisfaction. As outdoor cooking is trending for taking a new spin on classic recipes, outdoors people can also take advantage of some ideas for campfire cuisine that is both simple and tasty.

1. Roasted cinnamon rolls - instead of roasting marshmallows on a stick, campers should try opening a can of prepped cinnamon roll dough, and wrapping that around the stick. The dough is then gently roasted over the flames for a crispy finish on this sweet treat.

2. Salmon infused with ginger and onions - technically, any fatty fish that provides a thick filet can be used in this simple recipe. The fish is layered with slices of onions and shreds of ginger, before being encased in tin foil. Put the entire package into the campfire for about ten minutes, and open to enjoy this savory treat.

3. Beef stew - many campers forget that long-term food storage supplies can be combined with fresh ingredients for a new take on eating. Combine beef jerky with water, dehydrated vegetables, and if possible, any fresh edibles from around the camp site. It is easiest to prepare this in a cast iron Dutch oven, so that the ingredients can simmer in the flames throughout the day.

4. Citrus fruit muffins - this recipe combines blueberry muffin mix from food kits, but uses hollowed out oranges to provide the muffin "tin". The filled orange rinds are then wrapped in foil and cooked in the campfire, for a moist and sweet treat.

5. Beans and bacon - this treat combines long-term canned beans with fresh slices of bacon, but the twist is that the bacon should be layered in bottom of the Dutch oven as well as over the top of the beans. Covered, this can simmer in the campfire for several hours for a hearty meal that is high in protein.

6. Tubers and hash - this is another recipe that combines stored foods with fresh ones. Several cans of corned beef can be mixed with potatoes or even wild burdock tubers and other fresh vegetables. This can be slowly simmered in a cast iron skillet for a delicious breakfast or dinner.

7. Grilled wild asparagus - for experienced campers, foraging edible plants can also lead to some wonderful meals. After harvesting and rinsing the wild asparagus, the vegetables should be lightly coated in cooking oil and salt and can then be grilled in the fire on an open piece of tin foil.

8. Hearty mushroom stew - this recipe can also be for more experienced campers who are well versed on edible wild mushrooms. A collection of varieties including morels and chicken-of-the- woods can be mixed with dehydrated vegetables and water, and then simmered in a Dutch oven to provide a satisfying and nutritious meal.

9. Pigs in a sleeping bag - this twist on a campfire classic can add some extra fun to weenies on a stick. Using biscuit batter from a long-term food kit, campers can wrap the dough around the hot dogs before roasting them. The result is fun finger food by the fire.

10. Grilled pizza - this recipe can also be accomplished through the creative use of emergency food kits, and fresh ingredients may be added if they are available. Essentially, biscuit dough is formed into a crust, and toppings can range from rehydrated vegetables and cheese to any available variations. If an actual grill screen is available, the pizza can be cooked directly over the flame, although tin foil may be used to cook the pizza directly in the flames.