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Big March Giveaway!


Its time for another giveaway from Valley Food Storage!

We have the best food storage product on the market, the only thing its missing is water. We are giving away a Big Berkey water filtration system to help you get started! Read below to see how.

How To Enter:


Grand Prize Winner will receive a free Big Berkey Water Filtration System shipped to them
2nd place will get a code for 25% off
3rd place will get a code for 20% off

The winners will be announced on Monday, March 23rd on our blog and Facebook page!

Good luck!

31 thoughts on “Big March Giveaway!

  1. melaniestott1 says:

    This would be amazing! Sometimes I worry about whether or not the water we drink is good. Looks like a great filter!

  2. cHrystal21Han says:

    this is an amazing giveaway!!! water is vital to survival but rarely thought of.
    i’d love to win this! thanks for such an awesome giveaway!!

  3. abourland says:

    We have Lifestraws for our BOBs, but could definitely use the Big Berkey system to take care of the family at home during an emergency. Thanks so much for the chance to win one!

  4. jgseeger says:

    Thank you for the chance to win the Big Berkey system! This would be such a blessing for my family. Clean water is so important for our health! Thanks again.

  5. emilyt1218 says:

    I voted for you and will vote again each day until the 17th. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize!
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  6. HWhit says:

    I collect rain water for my only source of water and filter what water I will be drinking or cooking with, so I sure could use another Berkey filtration system.

  7. Sandy says:

    This would be amazing to use, I am on well water and it is very heavy in iron and minerals. Thanks for the giveaway.

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