About the best food storage company today!

We couldn’t find a food storage product that was good enough for our families, so we created our own.


Our story starts back in 2005. Just like most people, our Founder felt a strong desire to provide food storage for his growing family. This had become a more pressing matter on his mind and after some research decided to invest in food storage to prepare his family for any situation that they may encounter. He purchased and stored his food neatly in his basement and then went about his life, business as usual. A few years later, while checking on his food Storage, he noticed something rather unsettling. The food storage cans were mis-shapen! How did that happen?! They had either been packaged incorrectly or they were damaged in the move. We decided to look at the contents of our cans and we discovered that our food storage had gone very bad!

We started to ask ourselves how and why this happened? Our Food was guaranteed to last us up to 25 years! One thing we learned that day is that when it comes to food storage, a blissful ignorance just won’t cut it.

After doing some additional research of our own, we found that the food we purchased was packed full of ingredients that wouldn’t last more then 2-3 years. Hydrogenated oils, whole eggs, corn, and MSG’s. Can you imagine if we needed that food and that’s what we had found? This was a horrifying experience and not one we would let happen again.

We teamed up with food scientists across the country to work towards a solution. We found that natural food ingredients and a nitrogen flushing process would help to ensure our shelf life up to 25 years without any added preservatives, MSG’s, or GMO’s. As a result of our relentless efforts we have the absolute best product on the market today, bar none. Click here to see why.

Valley Food Storage was established on the simple fact that there wasn’t a single food supply store that emphasized quality ingredients. We have a deep desire to bring the best quality food to you and your family as if your family was our own. Help us to bring the best-valued food to every home’s table. Come visit us or give us a call and find out exactly why we are the best food storage company on the market today!

Meet The Team

Wayne Hamilton


Wayne is first and foremost a family man and father of 2.  Most of our foundation was built through his tireless work in preparing his own family for many events. Wayne has been a successful business owner for years and after realizing that many food storage companies were providing sub-par quality he started working on ways that he could create and market a better product that people actually want to eat! He is an avid Hunter and Fisherman and loves sharing the outdoors with his family. When Wayne isn’t working at Valley Food Storage he can be found at his home chasing his energetic kids or knee deep fishing in one of Utah’s many rivers.

James Tolboe


James has always had a passion for his family and helping people. After researching the food storage industry he realized that by teaming up with Wayne he could make a real difference in the lives of thousands of families across America for many years to come. James is a great guy and loves attending the various shows that we attend. You can usually find James with his family up one of the famous Utah canyons either chasing his dog or getting his flies out of a tree.