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10 Ways Duct Tape Could Save Your Life

10 Ways Duct Tape Could Save Your LifeDuct tape is a must have in every emergency kit, but also in multiple easy to access places in the home. Although the practical usage for everyday repairs is impressive, in a survival situation, duct tape can do more than just save the day, it can also save your life.

  1. 1. Emergency patches – this can apply to auto hoses if the car breaks down in the wilderness, but it can also apply to leaky water bottles and carrying containers. A decent layer of duct tape, even under extreme conditions such as heat and moisture can allow for people to find appropriate shelter, and ensure that provisions are preserved.
  2. 2. Wound treatment – whether it is adhering a splint to a leg or simply creating a makeshift dressing for a gash, duct tape can help in preventing further physical damage and can even avert the possibility of bleeding out. Further, well wrapped duct tape for emergency medical attention can also keep dirt and moisture out of the open wound.
  3. 3. Shelter, part 1 – in terms of creating a makeshift shelter, duct tape can have a variety of applications. The primary one that many people will think of is in actually creating a waterproof barrier against the elements. In most cases, a layer of duct tape can be spread across saplings, both to keep them in place, and to provide some weather proofing. In extreme situations where there are no viable natural resources, the duct tape can be woven into a tarp like cloth which can also be a wind break.
  4. 4. Shelter, part 2 – further shelter uses for duct tape include patching or creating tent poles, as well as winding the tape into rope, in order to lash building materials together. This rope can also be saved and utilized in other emergencies, as it is already fashioned.
  5. 5. Rescue – as mentioned above, duct tape rope that has already been fashioned can be re-used and can come in handy for rescue scenarios. This can include lowering a hurt individual down from a cliff side or rescuing a person from flood waters. The durable duct tape rope is good to hang on to, even if it has already served an initial purpose.
  6. 6. Travel – although the aforementioned rope can also facilitate moving through difficult terrain and inclines, one of the most important functions that duct tape can serve in terms of travel is with foot wear. This can include patches to existing shoes, but it can also mean wrapping the feet in tape when shoes have been lost. This not only protects the soles so that shelter can be found, but it can also avert dangers such as hookworm and stepping on venomous insects.
  7. 7. Safety and protection – in situations where hiking through unfamiliar terrain is necessary, duct tape that is wrapped around the shins can also provide safety. This can greatly deflect ticks that may try to attach when walking through tall grass, but it can also act as a barrier to snake bites.
  8. 8. Staying dry – although duct tape as a covering over clothes can provide a waterproof quality, rain hats and other protective coverings are also easily fashioned from the tape.
  9. 9. Warmth – the insulation that wrapping duct tape around the body can offer has several beneficial survival effects. Along with keeping the skin dry, duct tape can also block wind chill and keep heat from being pulled off the body. Further, the tape also seals in body temperature, which ensures that core temperatures remain stable.
  10. 10. S.O.S. – it is very wise to remember that duct tape also comes in bright colors, as well as the traditional silver and black. Bold duct tape can be used to fashion an S.O.S. sign on a high clearing, so that rescue is possible.

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